Equipment Vendors:  Don't let your customers say NO because of the sticker price of your products. Having a finance option for them will increase your bottom line at the end of the year and doesn't cost you anything. Businesses today are desperately trying to retain their working capital and stay within their capital working budget. Offering them a finance program gives them a second option.


  • We Can Approve Most Of Your Deals $25,000 and under In Seconds--- Our proprietary credit approval software gives us an "immediate" advantage over the competition. A high percentage of our applications are approved in seconds of submittal. Also, don't worry if the application come back "for review" this generally takes less than 30 minutes to resolve. We pride ourselves with the FASTEST TURN  AROUND in the industry.We can even private label your credit application.

  • We Approve "A" thru "D" Credit ---  We are in a unique position to provide a wide variety of credit profiles for equipment nationwide, the Americas and Canada.  If there is a piece of equipment or profile that does not fit our "normal" credit box, its not the end of the line for your customer.  Really, it's just the beginning.  we have multiple partner banks and lenders that may have an interest in financing your customer.  We go to extra lengths to get your customer financed and your sale complete. 

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